The Flexible Hose; A Great Innovation

The flexible hose is a great innovation that it is literally used everywhere, from industrial applications, to the domestic garden hose. It is difficult to imagine a world without this hose that can curve in to tight spaces and or move large quantities of debris. Depending on the use of the hoses, they come in a vast variety of sizes and are made from a wide range of materials. In the home these bendable types of hoses are used to connect water lines, gas lines, and heating vents, as well as in HVAC systems.

The braided flexible hose is used to connect toilets to their water source. Over the years the traditional waterline has been exchanged for flexible hoses. These specialty hoses are made of neoprene and strengthened metal. The advantage of this kind of connection is that will not rust and is resistant to leakage. Typically these hoses come with male and female attachments. The male is the smaller end with the outside threads and the female is threaded on the inside. These attachments connect by securing the male part into the female part. Whenever any connection is made it is essential to make doubly sure that the links are secure. Water leaks can be extremely costly, but can be dramatically reduced by using this product.

Clear flexible hose made of PVC and reinforced with wire, is used as part of dust collection systems. The length and diameter of the hose combined with the machine’s suction, can keep a woodworking shop almost dust free. These hoses are great for shop use, because they are odorless, crush resistant, lightweight and they do not kink. They are available in 3/4 inch to 4 inch diameters. A 10 foot hose can give the operator more freedom of movement when cleaning their shop. This 10 foot length is especially useful for wall mount dust collection systems. This tubing also comes in shorter lengths, for power machinery with dust ports that are hard to reach.

The 3 inch flexible hose is used with shapers. Shapers are woodworking machines used by skilled woodworkers to contour wood pieces that will be used as part of a chair or other furniture. This size hose is an essential piece of equipment used with the shaper to remove sawdust. Having a clean dustless environment is of paramount importance to a professional woodworker and artisan. A dust free workspace is a healthier place for them and any additional employees.

It is hard to imagine a world without the flexible hose. It is similar to wondering how people lived without the safety-pin, paper clips or inside plumbing. There are so many inventions that improve the world where we live and work. Air-conditioning, dishwashers, and gas stoves make our lives better, but the invisible equipment, such as the humble hose, helps to make them work.