A Garden Hose Is The Best Way To Water A Garden

For gardens any bigger than a postage stamp, a garden hose is essential. Well watered and in full bloom a garden is a homeowners pride and joy. However, all it takes is a few hot dry days to turn a green oasis into a brown dustbowl. Those who take pride in their garden will want to prevent this, and make sure the garden can be watered even when it does not rain.

Watering plants with a watering can is possible but can be very time consuming. A direct delivery system, such as a hose, is a much more efficient water to deliver water to plants and keep a lawn green.

The type of hose needed will depend in part on the size of the garden. Small gardens can be watered using a standard size hose, but a garden is large, or particularly long, a bigger hose may be needed, for example a 100 ft garden hose.

garden hose

Sprinkler garden hose in action

Hoses need to be stored with care. They should not be left in a heap on a garden path or shed floor and just picked up and used when needed. Hoses which are not correctly stored can develop kinks in the hose line which over time causes weaknesses and leaks. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can also cause deterioration. The correct way to store a garden hose is on a reel. This keeps it in regular loops and prevents kinking. Hoses can be heavy so an automatic garden hose reel may be a good investment.

Watering a garden is something that can be done in a variety of ways. It can be done manually, or it can be done automatically by connecting a hose to a sprinkler system. Attachments can be bought to create different styles of water projection, such as spray or pressure jet. It is important to use the best garden hose nozzle possible to suit the job being done, otherwise the water pressure may not be right.

Hoses can also be used for other tasks around the garden or home, for example to wash the car or driveway. With pressure jets attached they can be used to clean brickwork, wash out guttering and carry out a number of other tasks around the home.

Gardens are there to be enjoyed. To enjoy them at their best they need to be kept in good condition. Making sure a garden is properly watered is one of the best ways to keep it looking attractive.