Maintaining Hot Tub Cleanliness With Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot tub chemicals are necessary when it comes to sanitizing your bath space. In fact, the use of chemicals is the most important maintenance procedure that you can do yourself. Keep in mind that warm water temperature is ideal for bacteria and other organisms to thrive. To keep things hygienic and clean, cleaning the surfaces of the tub is a must. When it comes to choosing cleaning products, there are many options to choose from. To determine which product to use, here are some ideas on what you can use.

Cheap Hot Tub Chemicals

There are basically two common chemical elements used as cleaners: bromine and chlorine. These two are highly available in the market and are sold cheap. Chlorine is popularly used as a sanitizing agent in swimming pools. Bromine is more popularly used in bath tubs and spas.

Chlorine can be used in various concentrations when used in hot tubs. The product either comes in liquid, tablet, or granule form. For most people, the use of chlorine is not a good idea because it has a strong odour; it irritates the skin, and is quite toxic.

Bromine is user-friendly because it does not have a strong odour. It is also more stable than chlorine and can withstand high temperatures. It works fine with a broad range of pH levels as well. The product comes in granules, nuggets or tablets.

Natural Hot Tub Chemicals

There are many natural products claiming to be effective against bath tub bacteria and moulds. Since there are numerous products available, it is wise to go try them out first before buying in bulk. However, there is a better combination of natural chemicals that can effectively be used as sanitizers: baking soda and vinegar. This powerful combination is widely known to clean, disinfect and deodorize.

Simply mix vinegar with baking soda until it turns into a paste. Apply this paste directly onto the surface of the bath tub. Let it sit for about ten minutes and rinse it thoroughly. This procedure can also clean stubborn stains and get rid of unpleasant odours. If the bacteria and mould stain is severe, use a damp cloth to rub the paste until it removes every speck of blemish.

The Best Hot Tub Chemicals

The best product to use is that which is natural. Natural products are non-toxic and environmental-friendly. If you want to go green, this is possibly the best solution you need. In addition, baking soda and vinegar are common products you can find in your kitchen and they are both highly affordable. Nonetheless, if you opt to choose between chlorine and bromine, go for bromine. The chemical is a lot less toxic and does not produce an irritating odour.