Important Hot Tub Parts

Hot tub parts are the very components that make up a tub and ensure that everything works as they should. Among these parts are pumps, jets and heaters, and these hot tub parts and supplies may be purchased from local retail stores or online shops. These 3 parts are vital to the proper functioning of hot tubs.

Hot Tub Pumps

The purpose of a hot tub water pump is to get water flowing into the hot tub, and this is done with the help of jets and motors, with the motors working to boost the pump and get it to get water through the jets. In turn, the jets then propel water into the hot tub. When looking for pumps of good quality, keep an eye out for something that will allow you to select between 2 different speed settings. With this, you will be able to save money on electricity. At the same time, the bather will be able to enjoy whichever water pressure he or she personally prefers.

Hot Tub Heaters

As the name implies, a water heater is the very mechanism that warms the tub water. Your hot tub’s heater can either be run by gas or electricity; one works just as well as the other. Just as with heaters used in homes, the majority of heaters for hot tubs are able to detect the water’s temperature, then leave it at the temperature as set by the bather. One good idea is to go with an affordable water heater, or at least one that will allow you to efficiently make use of energy. This helps save money in the long run.

Hot Tub Jets

When we switch on our hot tub, we see water being propelled into the unit in intense streams. This is the hot tub jet doing its job, and these streams of water can be very soothing when they give the body a sort of “massage” while underwater. Some manufacturers of jets and hot tub cover parts actually have jets that are specifically fashioned to give users full body massages as they soak in their tub. The price of jets and hot tub jet parts can vary, ranging from very affordable to a few hundred dollars for ones that are made specifically for giving the entire body a water massage.

As you buy parts for your hot tub, remember that you want to go with ones that will be able to last for a good amount of time. Look to invest your money in something that will last for a few years, and remember to read the fine print in the warranties of your hot tub parts. It can be very annoying to find out you need to replace a part when all you want to do is soak in your hot tub after an exhausting day at work.