The Inexpensive Design Of The Inflatable Hot Tub

People enjoy taking a nice relaxing soak in a bathtub filled with hot water. The heat relaxes the muscles easing tension and stress out of the body. Now people can enjoy this relaxation anytime using the inflatable hot tub. This product is designed to be less expensive than the traditional units and is also portable because it can easily be deflated for storage. This item is available in several sizes to accommodate a different number of people.

The Aero SpaAero Spa Portable Hot Tub is created to hold up to two hundred and eleven pounds of water and seats four people. The outer surface area is made of a tough vinyl material designed to resist rips. This particular model comes with a heating element designed to heat the water to a temperature of one hundred and four degrees. The heaters provided with most models of portable inflatable hot tubs plug into any standard household outlet. This is also true for models which include jets for creating bubbles and filtration systems.

Among the various inflatable hot tubs for sale are some designs made to be easier to set up and deflate than others. The Spa2Go model is designed to inflate and deflate at the press of a button. This easy to use tub could be setup at home or on vacation and comes in an earthy brown colour. For people who want a more luxurious spa experience the Blue Sea B-110 unit comes with one hundred and fifteen jet sprays and an easy quick inflation design. This unit also has a water filtration system and an advanced drainage system to ensure proper emptying of the interior.

The inflatable hot tubs usually include a convenient lid designed with a zipper closure to keep the interior clean and free of debris. The inflation system fills the chambers or walls made of vinyl, which are placed over a sturdy frame. Some models will have an air pressure gauge to monitor the pressure inside these chambers. This air filled wall also acts as insulation in keeping the heated water at its temperature. Units with a foil lid as the cover will also retain their heat longer when the lid is placed over a filled tub.

These portable luxury spas can be found for sale at prices ranging between four and seven hundred dollars. This is much lower than the thousands often paid for the traditional units. In addition to the lower price there are other advantages to using these inflatable products. They are easier to maintain and require less available space, because they can be setup on a temporary basis. This is the perfect relaxation tub for people on a budget who want the luxury of an outdoor spa getaway in their backyard.