Fun And Affordable Inflatable Water Slides That Children Will Love

Parents are always searching for different ways to keep their children busy during the summer season. Kids who enjoy backyard fun will love to spend time on one of the inflatable water slides that are on the market. Although many of the backyard inflatable water slides are expensive, there are also many cheap water slides available. Backyard inflatable water slides are a terrific alternative to outdoor swimming pools. They provide plenty of summertime water fun, and they are easy to maintain.

The Banzai inflatable water slides are an affordable choice. Banzai offers a few different inflatable water slides that are sure to keep kids cool throughout the summer. The Banzai Triple Wave Racer Water Slide is 16 feet long and features three separate slide lanes for fun racing adventures. Three children can use the slide at once and see who can reach the end first. Kids can have fun racing to the end of their slide and capturing the removable checkered flag.

The Triple Wave Racer is made from durable plastic that does not rip or tear easily. The slide is perfect for all ages, so adventurous parents can put on their swimsuits and join in the fun. This slide is fantastic for children’s birthday parties and backyard barbecue gatherings. When neighbors see the colorful slide, they will want to try it out too. The Triple Wave Racer is easy to set up. It retails for around $100, but shoppers can find the slide online for as low as $63.95.

The Banzai Rip Curve Slide is designed for kids over the age of 5. The small curved slide offers plenty of water fun, but is best suited for younger children who will fit well on the slide. The affordable Rip Curve Slide is available online for $22.99. It is not as sturdy as the Triple Wave Racer, but it is an excellent choice for younger children or for people who have smaller backyards.

Parents who are searching for cheap inflatable water slides that offer plenty of fun should consider purchasing the Banzai Soak ‘N Splash Water Slide. The water slide is 18 feet long and suitable for children between the ages of 5-12. There is a splash pool at the end of the slide, and it comes with a body board. The Banzai inflatable water slides are available for under $12. Parents who want inflatable water slides that will last more than one season should choose one of the higher end slides. Shoppers on a budget should choose one of the cheap backyard inflatable water slides that will provide a summer full of fun in the sun.