Soaking Tubs For Your Bathroom

Soaking tubs are a wonderful addition to your bathroom. While a shower gets you clean and can be invigorating, deep soaking tubs are perfect for relaxation and pampering.

Bathroom soaking tubs are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors, you are sure to find one that look great in your bath. There are even extra deep soaking tubs for taller individuals. The deeper size allows more comfort and prevents the user from feeling stuffed in.

If you have not priced these tubs or looked into them, that is something that you might want to do as you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive they are. You might expect to pay thousands of dollars but in reality you can find one for only hundreds instead.

The enjoyment you will get out of it makes it well worth the price. Your bathroom will become a relaxation spa. Slipping into one after a hard day is like taking a mini vacation. During warm weather you can also fill it with cooler water to relax in, it feels great after being in the heat. You will feel like you have a private pool just for yourself.

When deciding on a soaking tub measure the area you have available for installation. Keep in mind that you have many options as far as shapes are concerned; you can get a corner tub, an oval, rectangle or round. This variety of shapes means it is easier to find the space for one no matter what your bathroom size.

Before making your purchase it is a good idea to have the plumber who will be installing your tub come over to discuss which side your faucet should be on. It may not matter at all, but just in case one side will be better and easier, check it out first.

The final consideration you will have to make after shape, size and which side the plumbing should be on, is color. It is best to choose the same color as the toilet and sink that is currently in the room, unless of course you are planning to replace them as well. If you are, then choose whichever color you like, just keep in mind that all major bathroom pieces should be the same color to avoid looking like a thrown together mismatch of pieces.

You are now ready to order your soaking tub and to experience years of enjoyment from it.

Relax Your Body And Mind With A Japanese Soaking Tub

After a long tiring day, soaking yourself in a nice luxurious tub is just the thing you need for relieving your mental and physical stress. A Japanese soaking tub can provide you with this kind of relief, as your daily strain, anxiety and worry are removed when you use them.

Some time ago, a deep soaking bathtub was a luxury that only the rich could afford. People from economically weaker backgrounds could not enjoy them. With time, technology and the expanding global market, these products are in almost everyone’s reach, as these products are now available all over for affordable prices. Japanese tubs come with the best quality value, and their modern designs and unique styles are include great features.

Premier Japanese Style Soaking Hammered Copper Tub

These are some of the best priced Japanese soaking tubs I have found

Japanese deepsoaking tubs are one of the options available along a whole line of Japanese bathing options. These Japanese upright bathtubs are specially designed to let the user sit in an upright position and enjoy a relaxing bathing experience. These deep Japanese soaking tubs are uniquely designed; the length of the tub is much less than a regular bath tub, and the depth allows you to sit upright while soaking your whole body.  A Japanese soaker tub can save a lot of space, can be placed absolutely anywhere, and use less water too.

Japanese style soaking tubs come with numerous options for potential buyers. From the deep soaking Tao tubs to the Saphyr and Jade Japanese Ufro bathing tubs, you have a wide range to choose from. Japanese bathing options are all about variety, diversity and satisfying customer needs no matter where they are from. As there is a global market for virtually every kind of product being produced, the Japanese bathing tubs are in great demand too. The two basic reasons for this include their unique bathing options and the value for money that a Japanese style deep soaking tub provides.

Wooden Japanese soaking tubs form another unique category in Japanese bathing options. They are specially designed in order to ensure a pleasant and an exclusive experience for users. Most Japanese wooden tubs are made up of carefully hand-cut wooden parts that are made of cedar. This gives a traditional and oriental look to them. Plus, the smooth texture of the cedar wood and its sweet perfume makes the whole experience of bathing exquisite.

Relaxing hot tubs and alleviating soaking options are considered to be among the best methods of relieving stress and fatigue. When shopping for bathing tubs, always go for the finest options. These will rejuvenate your mind and body, and bring you peace. Japanese bathing options undoubtedly stand out as the best available options.

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The Benefits Of Using A Soaker Hose

As technology advances gardeners will have the option to buy new tools and equipment that will help them improve their garden, these tools make the gardening process easier and a lot more fun. Some of the older gardening tools have also been worked on. An example of this is the classic gardening hose. In the past gardeners could only choose a conventional cylinder shaped hose, today they can buy items like a flat hose or a soaker hose. There are many benefits to using a soaker hose in the garden.

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The reason that a regular hose is not ideal for a majority of gardens is the amount of water that it wastes. This is also the case with items such as lawn sprinklers. Lawn sprinklers waste water as the water they dispense does not concentrate on a specific area, this means that the whole lawn will get watered when it is only necessary to water the garden. Also water will be lost through evaporation, runoff and over spray. This is a problem that the average garden hose also faces.

garden hose, not a soaker hose

In order to resolve this issue manufacturers have created soaker hoses. This product will save the user both time and money as it means the user will not waste water or have to hand water numerous plants all over the garden. The product works by distributing water directly to the roots of the plant.

In order to use this product properly, users will need to lay it on the ground. Once turned on the hose will dispense water at ground level. This water will then soak into the ground and get to the plant roots. Due to way that this hose works, the plants will be adequately watered with minimal effort required from the gardener.

Buyers can purchase this product from online and offline gardening stores. They will need to decide whether they want a downspout soaker hose, a drip irrigation soaker hose or a simple garden soaker hose. Buyers will find that they get a better price and wider range of products to choose from if they shop online.

This gardening tool is an excellent way for gardeners to improve the efficiency of their garden at a low price. Using it will lead to attractive flowers and lush plants. Other benefits buyers will get from this product is that it will save them time and money when it comes to their water bill.

Fun And Affordable Inflatable Water Slides That Children Will Love

Parents are always searching for different ways to keep their children busy during the summer season. Kids who enjoy backyard fun will love to spend time on one of the inflatable water slides that are on the market. Although many of the backyard inflatable water slides are expensive, there are also many cheap water slides available. Backyard inflatable water slides are a terrific alternative to outdoor swimming pools. They provide plenty of summertime water fun, and they are easy to maintain.

The Banzai inflatable water slides are an affordable choice. Banzai offers a few different inflatable water slides that are sure to keep kids cool throughout the summer. The Banzai Triple Wave Racer Water Slide is 16 feet long and features three separate slide lanes for fun racing adventures. Three children can use the slide at once and see who can reach the end first. Kids can have fun racing to the end of their slide and capturing the removable checkered flag.

The Triple Wave Racer is made from durable plastic that does not rip or tear easily. The slide is perfect for all ages, so adventurous parents can put on their swimsuits and join in the fun. This slide is fantastic for children’s birthday parties and backyard barbecue gatherings. When neighbors see the colorful slide, they will want to try it out too. The Triple Wave Racer is easy to set up. It retails for around $100, but shoppers can find the slide online for as low as $63.95.

The Banzai Rip Curve Slide is designed for kids over the age of 5. The small curved slide offers plenty of water fun, but is best suited for younger children who will fit well on the slide. The affordable Rip Curve Slide is available online for $22.99. It is not as sturdy as the Triple Wave Racer, but it is an excellent choice for younger children or for people who have smaller backyards.

Parents who are searching for cheap inflatable water slides that offer plenty of fun should consider purchasing the Banzai Soak ‘N Splash Water Slide. The water slide is 18 feet long and suitable for children between the ages of 5-12. There is a splash pool at the end of the slide, and it comes with a body board. The Banzai inflatable water slides are available for under $12. Parents who want inflatable water slides that will last more than one season should choose one of the higher end slides. Shoppers on a budget should choose one of the cheap backyard inflatable water slides that will provide a summer full of fun in the sun.

Express Your Unique Personality Designing With Free Standing Bathtubs

People today enjoy creating spaces in their homes which reflect their personalities. To help them design bathrooms the way they want, manufacturers of tubs have introduced some free standing bathtubs. These products are available in several styles ranging from old world to contemporary. A classic tub can be found as a pedestal style with the basin placed on a platform base. The entire piece is made of cast iron with a white enamel finish. This unit is available in both a single and double size and can be used as either a free-standing unit or as an installed piece. Compared to a standard bath, these contemporary free standing soaking tub are not particularly cheap bathtubs but are really beautiful and usually excellent quality so they can really set a bathroom off.

These are some of the best prices I have found for freestanding bathtubs

People who have old world themes can choose one of the Victorian style free standing soaking bathtubs. These are designed with one end made to be higher than the other. The high end acts as a backrest to allow people to lie back and relax while soaking in their tub. The base on this model is made using four small feet designed with ornate patterns on them. While the tub comes in the classic white color, the feet are often colored silver, gold or black. The soaking styles are also referred to as slipper tubs and can be found in a few different sizes.

The modern designs of free standing bathtubs include several items inspired by styles from the orient. These can use blocks of wood as the feet or have an entire frame used to hold the tub. The framed items will use a rectangular shape to add contrast to the rounded corners of the bathtub. A frame can be made of metal or wood and is available in a few color options including black. Some other contemporary designs have the edge around the bathtub designed as a rectangular surface area, which extends an inch or two rather than the classic rolled design.

Modern designs also incorporate additional features into the classic bathtub. The free standing whirlpool bathtubs come with jets placed inside to create a home spa experience. These freestanding bathtubs with jets are available in several styles including the modern framed design, the Victorian and the platform base. One basic design is available as a six foot tub made of acrylic and includes a total of fourteen jets on the entire piece. With price tags usually around the two thousand dollar mark, most models are not designed as cheap free standing bathtubs. However, they do allow people to create a room which reflects their personal style.

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Save Energy And Time Using A Swimming Pool Cover

People who live in places where they have a large yard area, can choose to have a swimming pool installed or erected. These products come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit anyone’s personal preference. The downside of having a large pool was in keeping it filled with clean water. Not only is refilling a pool time consuming, it is also taxing on people’s utility bills. A better way to keep water clean is by using a swimming pool cover. These are the large blue vinyl coverings often seen on in-ground and above ground pools.

The benefit of using a cover for swimming pool surfaces is the ability to keep dirt and debris from getting into the water. Every day leaves, twigs and other items are blown around a yard or falling off nearby trees. The covers will also keep out bugs and other pests you do not want to see floating around when you are ready to take a dip. An above ground swimming pool cover can be found made as the classic vinyl or as a fine mesh. The mesh material allows rainwater to penetrate the surface while keeping leaves and debris out.

In addition to keeping out dirt, a swimming pool cover can be used to help hold in heat. The basic vinyl material is designed to hold in a degree of heat when the water is at a certain temperature. This means owners do not need to run a pool heater as often, which also saves money on their utility bills. There are also specially designed solar covers, which have a multi-layered substance created in a similar fashion to bubble wrap. These are often referred to as blankets and actually absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the inside water.

There have been some new innovations made in designing covers for pools. The automatic swimming pool cover is made for use on in-ground models and works through the use of motorized power source located away from the pool area. A track is laid either on the inside edge or along the outside surface where cement or tiles are laid. The rollers attached to the material easily glide along the track when the item is opened or closed. These automatic models are available in sizes to fit the length and width of most pools. Having a place to swim is a luxury most people enjoy having, which is made even better through the use of energy saving covers.

The Inexpensive Design Of The Inflatable Hot Tub

People enjoy taking a nice relaxing soak in a bathtub filled with hot water. The heat relaxes the muscles easing tension and stress out of the body. Now people can enjoy this relaxation anytime using the inflatable hot tub. This product is designed to be less expensive than the traditional units and is also portable because it can easily be deflated for storage. This item is available in several sizes to accommodate a different number of people.

The Aero SpaAero Spa Portable Hot Tub is created to hold up to two hundred and eleven pounds of water and seats four people. The outer surface area is made of a tough vinyl material designed to resist rips. This particular model comes with a heating element designed to heat the water to a temperature of one hundred and four degrees. The heaters provided with most models of portable inflatable hot tubs plug into any standard household outlet. This is also true for models which include jets for creating bubbles and filtration systems.

Among the various inflatable hot tubs for sale are some designs made to be easier to set up and deflate than others. The Spa2Go model is designed to inflate and deflate at the press of a button. This easy to use tub could be setup at home or on vacation and comes in an earthy brown colour. For people who want a more luxurious spa experience the Blue Sea B-110 unit comes with one hundred and fifteen jet sprays and an easy quick inflation design. This unit also has a water filtration system and an advanced drainage system to ensure proper emptying of the interior.

The inflatable hot tubs usually include a convenient lid designed with a zipper closure to keep the interior clean and free of debris. The inflation system fills the chambers or walls made of vinyl, which are placed over a sturdy frame. Some models will have an air pressure gauge to monitor the pressure inside these chambers. This air filled wall also acts as insulation in keeping the heated water at its temperature. Units with a foil lid as the cover will also retain their heat longer when the lid is placed over a filled tub.

These portable luxury spas can be found for sale at prices ranging between four and seven hundred dollars. This is much lower than the thousands often paid for the traditional units. In addition to the lower price there are other advantages to using these inflatable products. They are easier to maintain and require less available space, because they can be setup on a temporary basis. This is the perfect relaxation tub for people on a budget who want the luxury of an outdoor spa getaway in their backyard.

Hot Tub Hire Makes The Perfect Party

Parties are synonymous with music, games and drinks and it has been this way for years. All of that is so cliché that it is high time to look for alternatives to keep your guests entertained. Hot tub hire that is easy on your pocket is a guaranteed way to make your party a grand success. Everyone loves the soothing effect of hot water and these portable hot tubs are the answer to those without a swimming pool who are looking for an affordable option to have some real fun.

These tubs have been designed in a unique way that makes it possible for almost everyone to hire one and enjoy themselves at home and outside. Since it is portable, all it needs is a small space of 3m squared, power supply and a drain outlet. The tubs come with a geyser attached and all the necessary power cables. They can be dismantled to fit through narrow doors and openings and are very simple to re-assemble since they require no tools and no mechanical experience! So literally, anyone can put it together without much ado. In short, it is a perfect solution to spending an evening at home with friends and family, relaxing and playing games in the water.

Hot tubs come in different shapes and size with accessories such as underwater lighting and cup holders- best suited for parties so you do not need to leave your warm paradise to reach for your drink. The tubs are fitted with a jet and valve system that turns the simple hot tub into a Jacuzzi. So you can feel thoroughly pampered and warm when the temperature outside is freezing. What is more is that your underwater lighting can be adjusted to change colours for the perfect party effect.

Cheap hot tub hire tubs can usually accommodate four to five people, which makes for a lot more fun because friends can talk to each other or poke fun at each other and also enjoy the heat of the water- all at the same time. The tubs have been designed to suit any terrain, be it your backyard or your balcony. Therefore, you can enjoy a hot bath with your spouse on a weekend or call friends over for a barbeque party and let them all plunge into your tub.

With all of these advantages of hot tubs plus the fact that they are cheap to hire, you should get one for your next party. Portable hot tub hire gives you pleasure and fun in return. This is a definite alternative to all those expensive party accessories that you find at the store. The hot tub is the new party element that will never let you down!

Maintaining Hot Tub Cleanliness With Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot tub chemicals are necessary when it comes to sanitizing your bath space. In fact, the use of chemicals is the most important maintenance procedure that you can do yourself. Keep in mind that warm water temperature is ideal for bacteria and other organisms to thrive. To keep things hygienic and clean, cleaning the surfaces of the tub is a must. When it comes to choosing cleaning products, there are many options to choose from. To determine which product to use, here are some ideas on what you can use.

Cheap Hot Tub Chemicals

There are basically two common chemical elements used as cleaners: bromine and chlorine. These two are highly available in the market and are sold cheap. Chlorine is popularly used as a sanitizing agent in swimming pools. Bromine is more popularly used in bath tubs and spas.

Chlorine can be used in various concentrations when used in hot tubs. The product either comes in liquid, tablet, or granule form. For most people, the use of chlorine is not a good idea because it has a strong odour; it irritates the skin, and is quite toxic.

Bromine is user-friendly because it does not have a strong odour. It is also more stable than chlorine and can withstand high temperatures. It works fine with a broad range of pH levels as well. The product comes in granules, nuggets or tablets.

Natural Hot Tub Chemicals

There are many natural products claiming to be effective against bath tub bacteria and moulds. Since there are numerous products available, it is wise to go try them out first before buying in bulk. However, there is a better combination of natural chemicals that can effectively be used as sanitizers: baking soda and vinegar. This powerful combination is widely known to clean, disinfect and deodorize.

Simply mix vinegar with baking soda until it turns into a paste. Apply this paste directly onto the surface of the bath tub. Let it sit for about ten minutes and rinse it thoroughly. This procedure can also clean stubborn stains and get rid of unpleasant odours. If the bacteria and mould stain is severe, use a damp cloth to rub the paste until it removes every speck of blemish.

The Best Hot Tub Chemicals

The best product to use is that which is natural. Natural products are non-toxic and environmental-friendly. If you want to go green, this is possibly the best solution you need. In addition, baking soda and vinegar are common products you can find in your kitchen and they are both highly affordable. Nonetheless, if you opt to choose between chlorine and bromine, go for bromine. The chemical is a lot less toxic and does not produce an irritating odour.