Choosing A Fantastic Portable Hot Tub

Most people wish they had a hot tub in their backyard, but an inground spa is expensive to install. Even the cheaper inground models are several thousand dollars and most homeowners have to hire someone to complete the complicated installation process. A portable hot tub or temporary jacuzzi is an affordable alternative to an inground spa. They are easy to set up and do not require any special plumbing or wiring. People can simply inflate the product and fill it up with water. The moveable spas can be set up on a lawn, cement patio or wooden deck. They are perfect for any home or cottage and are a great option for renters.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

People do not have to pay a small fortune for a portable spa; there are many inexpensive inflatable spas on the market. The Spa2Go ATG-1 Portable Hot Tub is available online for $663.50. This inflatable hot tub plugs into a standard electrical outlet and heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The spa model is extremely affordable but does not contain water jets. A blower agitates the water to give people the Jacuzzi experience. According to a variety of online reviews, most people are satisfied with the Spa2Go model, but some people are disappointed that the portable spa does not include jets and fails to maintain high temperatures for lengthy periods.

Luxury Spa for Two

People who are looking for a luxurious 2 person portable hot tub should consider the PennyBerry portable model. The only downside to the PennyBerry Jacuzzi is its high price. The luxury spa costs $5,995.00. The sturdy PennyBerry model offers seating for two, powerful massage jets, a waterfall, drink holders and built in LED lights. The beautifully designed spa model is available in many stunning colors.

Affordable Spa with Jets

People who are looking for the best portable hot tub should consider purchasing the Spa 2 Go Portable Spa with Micro Jets. The spa costs $663.49 and is large enough for four adults. The turbojets pump out the heated water, creating a soothing spa atmosphere. The Spa 2 Go with Micro Jets is a customer favorite because it offers a true Jacuzzi experience for a fantastic price.

Renting a Jacuzzi

Some people do not want to invest in a hot tub. They may only want to use a hot tub during the summer months or for a special occasion. People who are looking for a temporary spa can take advantage of one of the portable hot tub rental opportunities available. The rental company will bring the tub to the home and set it up in less than an hour. Hot tub hire is perfect for special events such as birthday celebrations, summer barbecues or bachelor parties.

Inflatable spas are a wonderful alternative to an inground hot tub. Someone can purchase a great model and set it up in their backyard area quickly and easily. Those who purchase an expensive portable model can expect it to last for several seasons.